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Sneaky Goose Hunt

Taking advantage of Maryland’s late season resident goose season I have not waterfowl hunted much this hunting season. The schedule seemed to accommodate chasing whitetails more than goose hunting. At some point last week, I realized I still had time to get out and enjoy a goose hunt or two. The Maryland late season resident … Continue reading »

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Shad Fishing Report – Fletcher’s Cove

Augie’s Adventures – Shad Fishing Report According to my fishing journal, last year the shad fishing was the best the second week of April or there about. But the weather was too nice not to give it a try yesterday afternoon. So, on March 24, 2016, I headed over to Fletcher’s Cove and put the boat … Continue reading »

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Killing a Caught Northern Snakehead

The Monster Northern Snakehead Arrives Several years ago when the monster Northern Snakehead invaded the waters of Maryland, an all out war was raised to kill them all.  Well, that didn’t work.  Today, Northern Snakeheads swim the Potomac River shoulder to shoulder with the other predator of the deep, Largemouth Bass. Since the arrival of the … Continue reading »

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Shad Fishing at Fletcher’s Cove

Washington DC was filled to capacity with visitors gawking at the spring time cherry blossoms. They can have the pretty little flowers, I had fish to catch. Recently, I had learned of a historic place of fishing lore, Fletcher’s Cove. Shad fishing was once the welcoming spring ritual for me. If you wanted to find … Continue reading »

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The 2014 Hunting Season is Here

As I posted earlier last week, hunting season has snuck up on me this year. The normal preparing for hunting season over the summer did not happen. The summer was spent traveling locally on the weekends exploring new places close to home. After living in the same Atlantic Coast state for over 40 years, one would … Continue reading »

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Mayhem Largemouth Bite

When the tide turns, run with it. The line on my reel needed changing. I stood at the tailgate, while parked at the boat ramp, and ran the old line off. In three hours I will be ever so grateful I had taken the time to check the line and put on new.  

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Theodore Roosevelt Island – Winter Hike

A cold snow covered Sunday morning – a perfect day to stay indoors you say?  Nope a perfect day to dress warm and enjoy a hike.  

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Duck Hunting in The Wind and Ice

What’s a little Wind and Ice When It Comes to Duck Hunting The Driver’s side wiper blade broke off the swing arm.  The ice had it frozen to the windshield.  The arm harmlessly swung over the windshield.  As I try to make the repair, the cold wind hurt my hands.  The single digit cold pushed … Continue reading »

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Resident Canada Goose Hunting On the Water

September was the month of Resident Canada Geese   September resident Canada goose season is quickly coming to a close. I had fun. I was able to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Because of several factors, the perspective of having a scouted field known to harbor geese during this time of … Continue reading »

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Canada Goose Hunting Time

Maryland Resident Canada Goose Hunting Season is Almost Here   September 2, 2013 marks the beginning of another early resident Canada Goose hunting season. Maryland is split into two zones. In the Western zone September Canada Goose season continues until September 25, 2013, while the fun ends on September 14, 2013 in the eastern zone. … Continue reading »

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