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Tagged With: Envirnmental issues

When Life Gives You Jack Crevalle Instead of Snook

Last night a friend and I were discussing how our life plans don’t often lead in the direction we intend or thought possible. which evolved into discussing the importance of observing all that is around and not having a spotlight view of our world. But let’s talk fishing for a minute.

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The Big Oak

The Big Oak towers over the valley below. He is the elder of the forest. No other has stood as long. He has watched others come and go. I first walked upon him 25 years ago; an old tree in a young forest. The others around him have grown, but  as long as he stands, … Continue reading »

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Pennsylvania Record Buck and Dr. Gary Alt

New PA RECORD BUCK (This was my post from 2014, and now in 2017 we got a new PA archery record, once again,) Dr. Gary Alt May Have Been Right All Along I guess with age comes the ability to see the results of change. Earlier this week when I saw the Outdoor Life story … Continue reading »

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Monocacy River Tire Clean up

Monocacy River Tire Clean Up – Organized by Farmers So, last Saturday I participated in a tire clean up on the Monocacy River. I have the honor to currently serve on the Monocacy Scenic River Citizen Advisory Board. We, as a board, advise the Frederick and Carroll County Commissioners on things concerning the Monocacy. Last … Continue reading »

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Tom’s Creek threated by mountain-top removal mining

The trout of Tom’s Creek need our voice A fellow Monocacy Scenic River Board member, Jack Lynch, sent me the following information today. The pristine Tom’s Creek is being threatened by possible mining in the area. The headwaters of Tom’s Creek, a rare high quality cold water fishery in southwest Adams County, Pennsylvania is under … Continue reading »

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