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Where’s Augie Been? He’s Been Found in Fort Myers Florida

Posted by on January 3, 2018

Augie has moved to Fort Myers Florida for the winter

Augie's Adventures in Fort Myers Florida

Last winter I was hunting in the mountains of Western Maryland. This winter I’m kayaking the warm gulf waters of Fort Myers Florida

Where has Augie been?

The short answer is – I’m been on the couch. Well, that is, up until last November, when I finally got my butt off the couch and reached out grabbing the ring of life once again.

I was in a life sucking funk. I had a list of excuses, but they were just that excuses. Then God stepped in and I now have the desire to pursue life once again. Time and time again, I am continually amazed at how God can work in a person’s life when he is open and receptive to the gentle (and maybe not so gentle) guidance  he places in our lives.

Following my thyroid surgery a few years ago, I put on a lot of weight. The extra weight effected my everyday life and made it difficult to pursue the actives in life I enjoy. God intervened. He placed a person in my life when I needed it most and through his help, I have begun a life saving journey towards losing the weight and becoming the active person I long to be once again. As of this posting, I have lost just over 30 pounds and have 50 more to go. It is a journey of longevity and not a sprint, but I am beginning to feel better and will continue until the final goal is reached. If you are interested in how I am losing the weight and transforming my health, check out LT360. It is a program I fully believe in and feel everyone, not only those who need to loose weight, could benefit from its principles.

Augie's Adventures in Fort Myers Florida

Last March the extra weight I was carrying took a toll on the enjoyment of my South Carolina hog hunt.

Secondly, My contract job in Washington DC was coming to an end. The project was scheduled to end March 2018, at which time my future employment was uncertain. Again, God provided in ways I could have only dreamed. Back in the spring, I had applied for a job where the job description read like it had been written for me. The job involves working for FEMA as a contractor assessing the damages to the public infrastructure following a natural disaster.  Early in September, I was contacted and today I am living in a hotel in Fort Myers Florida working for FEMA inspecting storm damages for grants. This job fits my past work experience and has a schedule that will provide the money and time to take the extended adventures I have longed to embark.

Where is Augie Going?

As it stands now, I will be in Fort Myers between six months to one year. At which time, I will be on extended leave until I am needed for the next assignment. This new job will allow me to take the trip I had been planning and will place me in a better financial position to do so. But more importantly, I enjoy the job with FEMA and the job itself is an adventure.

Augie's Adventures in Fort Myers Florida

One of things I have been enjoying so far while here in Fort Myers is the sunsets on the Gulf


So, where does that leave this blog? I’m a writer and photographer. Writing is what I do. I may not make a ton of money with this website, which is good because I don’t do it for the money, I do it because I enjoy it and feel as if I have a story to tell. One I hope others can enjoy and maybe take something away from it.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing my first Florida fishing experience. Jacks from a kayak.

The hours working for FEMA here in Florida can be long. How often I am able to escape and explore the local sites or enjoy some fishing, I am not certain, but when I do, I’ll be posting about my adventures here in Florida. After my assignment here in Florida is over, I have a long trip planned. I have named it 6 months in a tent. I plan to explore much of the US from the southwest deserts and up into Alaska. I’ll be posting more about the coming trip in the future, but for now I’m focusing on my FEMA work and exploring a winter in Florida.


  • John Beesley

    You picked a good winter to head south. It was 3 F this morning here in Leesburg. The Potomac is frozen, the C&O is frozen, Goose Creek is frozen, jeez everything is frozen. It’s been colder than crap. Hope you’re doing well.

    • aaughenbaugh

      I’ve heard its a little bit chilly up there. It got cold down here today, 50, and I had to break out a sweatshirt….

  • Dave Highfield

    God bless.

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