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About Augie

Augie’s Adventures

Hi and welcome to the next stage of my life.  Join me as I travel the country exploring the near and far looking for the meaning of….I don’t exactly know what meaning I’m looking for, but I’m going in search of it, whatever it is.

Augie's Adventures

Augie’s Adventures mapping the way

Augie’s Adventures Beginnings

Before we start on this journey, I guess a little about how I got here and what makes me tic would help.  Since early in my life I discovered, the natural world of forests and waters are what makes my heart beat.  I have been known to get lost in local mall, but can aimlessly wander around in the Tetons for days, always finding my way back to base camp.  For fifteen years I wrote for outdoor magazines and newspapers on the joys of fishing and hunting.  The sweat of a hot July in Florida or the numb fingers on an Alaska hike are the things that keep me alive. My goal is to get others out to do the same.

Augie's Adventures dinner streamside

After a long day of paddling, dinner is served, water front style.

With a notebook in back pocket and camera over my shoulder, I plan to explore this country in my 4X4 Toyota Tacoma.  Many of my escapes will be short weekend get-a-ways from my home in Maryland in the form of fishing and hunting.  Other trips will be longer and will include other outdoor endeavors. But as those around me know all too well, these short quick trips are not without adventure (mishaps).  Whether a short trout fishing weekend in the mountains or a month long trek through Alaska Wilderness, one thing I hope to convey to the reader is the feeling of connection with one’s self and nature through “getting away from it for a while” –  Not complex in depth searching of the meaning of life, just some light hearted pondering.

Join Augie’s Adventures, as we explore the country and ourselves.


Augie's Adventures enjoying the view

Augie’s Adventures enjoying the view