The Old Man and the Boy

The Old Man and the Boy

“…Hunting,” the Old Man said, “is the noblest sport yet devised by the hand of man. There were mighty hunters in the Bible, and all the caves where the cave men lived are full of carvings of assorted game the head of the house drug home. If you hunt to eat, or hunt for sport for something fine, something that will make you proud, and make you remember every single detail of the day you found him and shot him, that is good too. But if there’s one thing I despise is a killer, some blood crazed idiot that just goes around bam-bamming at everything he sees. A man that takes pleasure in death just for death’s sake is rotten somewhere inside, an you’ll find him doing things later on in life that’ll prove it.”

Those words from Robert Ruark’s The Old Man and The Boy recently sank deeply in my soul while resting under a large swamp oak with the Spanish moss hanging from the branches lazily tossed about in the warm March spring breeze. I was taking a break on my South Carolina wild hog hunt.

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The Tacoma Gets BudBuilt Skid Plates

The Next Step in the 2013 Toyota Tacoma Build – BudBuilt Skid Plates

I just don’t feel comfortable going out unprotected.  So to protect myself and my Tacoma, I installed some protection in the form of a set of BudBuilt skid plates.

budbuilt skid plates

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Hydro Flask Review

Product Review – Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Larry Williams

A few years ago a co-worker was telling me about a water bottle he bought. At the time it was made from a small company called Hydro Flask. Soon after hearing about this product, I was browsing around a local outdoor shop and saw these Hydro Flask bottles on display. I picked out my favorite color and it quickly became my favorite water bottle.

Hydro Flask

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Shad Fishing Report – Fletcher’s Cove

Augie’s Adventures – Shad Fishing Report

According to my fishing journal, last year the shad fishing was the best the second week of April or there about. But the weather was too nice not to give it a try yesterday afternoon. So, on March 24, 2016, I headed over to Fletcher’s Cove and put the boat in the water.

Shad Fishing

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South Carolina Hog Hunt – Augie’s Hunt

Augie’s Successful Hog Hunt

South Carolina Hog Hunt

Flood waters slapped the front bumper. We had driven 4oo miles to South Carolina for a hog hunt, only to get denied reaching our riverside camp due to flooded roads. I smiled to Larry. The adventure had begun.

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Bending Branches kayak paddle review

Bending Branches Kayak Paddle Review

Last summer I purchased an Old Town NEXT canoe, which is a hybrid canoe / kayak for a solo paddler. I’ve been super happy with the boat but I felt I was not getting the most out of it because of the paddle I was using.  A bunch of years ago I picked up a whitewater composite paddle at a yard sale for $20.00. While I liked how light it was, with the NEXT canoe it was just too short. So I ordered a 260 mm Bending Branches kayak paddle.

Bending Branch Kayak Paddle

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Larry’s Story of Our South Carolina Wild Hog Hunt

Larry was my hunting partner on our latest adventure. We traveled together down to South Carolina for a feral hog hunt. I asked Larry if he would be willing to tell his story for the blog and he willingly agreed. In fact I think we might see some more of Larry in the future, as he has agreed to write a few product reviews for Augie’s Adventures.

Larry thumbs up SC hog hunt

Larry’s Story of our South Carolina Hog Hunt

About a month ago I received a text message from my buddy Andy of Augie’s Adventures asking if I would be interested in going to South Carolina for a public land wild hog hunt. With the trip only a few weeks away it didn’t take me long to clear my work schedule and say I’m in.

Being instantly excited about this trip, I started doing some research. I opened up google and started typing in South Carolina public hog hunts. Six years ago I went to Florida for a hog hunt and thought it might give me the upper hand in knowing what exactly to expect. Boy was I wrong. In Florida I sat in a tree stand and waited for the hogs to come to a feeder, which they never did. I also hunted using dogs and that didn’t work out in my favor either. This hunt was going to be completely different.

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South Carolina Hog Hunting

Late one winter evening, I went scanning the internet looking for an early spring adventure.  What I found turned out to be one of my favorite spring escapes to date. March or April is the perfect time for a shake winter off your back and welcome spring adventure.  A friend and I drove 400 miles south to the swamps of South Carolina and went wild (feral) hog hunting on public hunting lands. South Carolina has a Special Still Hunting season for feral hogs each year in early March. During this season, a hunter slowly walks the state game lands in search of the wild hogs that roam the woods.


I quickly ran the numbers and realized how inexpensive the trip would be and after double checking the details, sent out a few invitations to see who would be interested in joining me on the hunt. Larry accepted and a month later we found ourselves tent camping in South Carolina chasing pigs in the swamps.

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Notes From Last Fishing Season

portsmouth island fishing the point

What’s a guy to do when a snow storm of blizzard status rolls in and he finds himself stuck in his small city studio apartment for the weekend ? He begins to prepare for the next fishing season, of course. Over the years I’ve found reading over my fishing journals from the years before helps to set the tone and prepare for the coming season. By reading it, it helps me remember what tackle I need to buy for the coming season, what places I want to fish more and remember what little things I need to do before the season starts. As the snow piled up outside, I not only reviewed last years fishing journal, but found myself going back through several years worth of notes. I quickly became intrigued with some of the entries and thought I would share them.

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I Am a Gun Owner

I Am a Gun Owner

I’m a peace loving kind of guy. But there is a gun close by my bed. I always assume the best in a person. But the ammo lies next to the gun. I am a gun owner.

I m a gun owner  i am a gun owner

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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