Photographing Whitetail Deer

Spending Time with my Local Whitetail

Learning From The Past

I guess with age we change.  The lingering summer heat has simmered my desire to sit in a treestand.  Maryland archery deer season began September 5th and as of the 17th, I have yet to carry my bow into the woods.  However, that will all change next week; as I have set aside the last 10 days of September for some whitetail deer and Canada Goose hunting.

Whitetail Deer

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Dove Hunting Maryland Public Lands

Time for a Dove Hunt

The other evening after work, the dove fields were calling. I answered the call with my double gun and full shell bag. The gate at the end of the road was locked. I walked the half mile to the sunflower field. The heat of summer remained; even if September was already half gone. Sweat ran down my back and the sun blinded me if I turned to the west.

Dove hunt-8
A large walnut tree, the only lasting residue of what once was a homestead, stood towering guard over the sunflowers. I found shade under the walnut. The plan was to stand and watch the field, until a better shooting position became apparent based on the flight path of the incoming dove.

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Kayaking the Monocacy River

First timers take to the Monocacy River

Sometime last week, I got a call from the girlfriend asking if I would take a friend of her’s kayaking.  Apparently she had posted on facebook asking about wanting to try kayaking.  Who am I to turn down a day on the river.  I quickly agreed to take them both on the Monocacy River Saturday morning.

Monocacy river

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The 2014 Hunting Season is Here

As I posted earlier last week, hunting season has snuck up on me this year. The normal preparing for hunting season over the summer did not happen. The summer was spent traveling locally on the weekends exploring new places close to home. After living in the same Atlantic Coast state for over 40 years, one would think, I’ve seen all there is to see within a 500 mile radius. I found that not the case. I visited several new places just outside my own door. From the remote beaches of Portsmouth Island in North Carolina to the Old Growth forest and waterfalls of Rickett’s Glen in Pennsylvania, it was a great summer of exploring locally.

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Where Has The Summer Gone

So where in the world did the summer just go!

I just looked at the calendar and this coming weekend begins hunting season. Oh man, I ain’t even started to get ready yet. I’ve been so busy, fishing, camping and having general summertime fun that time has totally gotten away from me.

august bucks-1-2


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Ultimate Kayak Review

Native Watercraft Ultimate Kayak Review

After the little mishap the other morning with the kayak bouncing along on the shoulder of Route 295, I figured it was time to do the review post of my Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Kayak I’ve been paddling this summer. (sorry no pictures of the kayak on the interstate, I was too busy dodging morning rush hour traffic.)

Ultimate Kayak

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Weekend at Swallow Falls


On Thursday night, I was preparing for a weekend at home catching up things. However, my travel partner had other plans. I was told to be packed and ready to leave Saturday morning. We were going  to Swallow Falls State Park in Garrett County, MD for the weekend. With a little arm twisting I agreed (those who know me, know it took very little twisting) and we were off for another mini Maryland adventure.

swallow falls people on falls

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Auxiliary Backup Lights To Find The Boat Ramp In The Mornings

Test Tryout For Auxiliary Backup Lights

When I originally put together the rear bumper on the Tacoma, I screwed two 4-inch driving lights as a test fit.  I wired the lights directly to the reverse lights on the taillight.  They diffidently helped when backing down a dark boat ramp  in the early morning before a duck hunt or seeing the trees when turning around on a tight trail when I make a wrong turn looking for my secret deer hunting spot.

Augie's Adventures in Alaska

The original lights made it to and from Alaska, but once home, they got eaten by a tree. And yes, I ran off the road in Alaska and had to winch it back onto the road

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Monocacy River Tire Clean up

Monocacy River Tire Clean Up – Organized by Farmers

So, last Saturday I participated in a tire clean up on the Monocacy River. I have the honor to currently serve on the Monocacy Scenic River Citizen Advisory Board. We, as a board, advise the Frederick and Carroll County Commissioners on things concerning the Monocacy. Last winter a few board members suggested a tire clean up on a section of the river normally inaccessible except by crossing private property.

Monocacy River Clean up

Our group of farmers, River board members, and locals gather to begin a morning of removing tires from the Monocacy River

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Element of Survival – 2014 King of the Hammers – The Movie

When I first met Will Gentile, he was filming his buddies on the trails of Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Pennsylvania.  At the time I was writing for LowRange Magazine and was doing a piece on Will’s club of wheelers from the New England area.  Now several years later through social media, I’ve been able to watch Will create and grow HeavyMetal Concepts into a premiere filming company producing state of the art offroading films.

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