Fishing Pine Island FL

Time for some skinny water fishing at Pine Island FL

Pine Island FL

Pine Island FL has some of the best salt water shallow water fishing around.

Shallow saltwater water fishing is one thing I have always wanted to explore more. Basically, I saw it as my retirement endeavor. The dream was to retire somewhere like the Outer Banks of North Caroline or Pine Island FL and purchase a flats skiff. The image in my mind was to fish the early mornings watching the sun rise, then back to a local diner for a late breakfast escaping the heat of the day.

The destination of one’s life journey changes with time. Life is filled with an ever changing turn of events. Some of these are foreseen, planned and worked towards, while others sneak up and have us swinging for the fence only to woof the big league curve ball.

I swung and missed the retirement ball in a big way and have come to realize that I will be working until the end. I’m good with that and have accepted my life path.

Accepting where one is on the path of life does not mean one cannot make adjustments through the guidance from God and your heart. So, I go fishing.

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Everglades Tour

Christmas Everglades Tour

Like I had said in my last post, I’m trying to catch up with all that has been going on since I got here in Florida. Back in December a few of us FEMA folks who were not able to go home for Christmas decided to enjoy a day off and go on an Everglades tour.

Everglades Tour

A week earlier, I had taken a Sunday road trip to the Everglades and drove my rental car down a long dirt road through the mangroves spotting alligators and other wildlife. This time however, we were going to play tourist for the day and we signed up for an everglades tour through Everglades Adventures.

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Fishing for Jack Crevalle in South Florida

My first fish in Florida – Jack crevalle

The last few months have been full of change and with these changes I have decided to resume posting on Augie’s Adventures. However, I’m running a little behind. The following story was written a few weeks ago. I hope to be caught up shortly.

Jack Crevalle as long as my leg from my ankle to my knee.

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Where’s Augie Been? He’s Been Found in Fort Myers Florida

Augie has moved to Fort Myers Florida for the winter

Augie's Adventures in Fort Myers Florida

Last winter I was hunting in the mountains of Western Maryland. This winter I’m kayaking the warm gulf waters of Fort Myers Florida

Where has Augie been?

The short answer is – I’m been on the couch. Well, that is, up until last November, when I finally got my butt off the couch and reached out grabbing the ring of life once again.

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Sneaky Goose Hunt

Taking advantage of Maryland’s late season resident goose season

I have not waterfowl hunted much this hunting season. The schedule seemed to accommodate chasing whitetails more than goose hunting. At some point last week, I realized I still had time to get out and enjoy a goose hunt or two. The Maryland late season resident goose season is open until March 8, 2017 with a 5 bird daily limit.


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Road Trip – Flagpole Knob

So yeah, I had never been to Flagpole Knob in Virginia. Well, that was until last weekend, when after hearing so much about this “awesome” place to go wheel’n, I tossed a sandwich and drinks into the Tacoma and took a Sunday drive.

Flagpole Knob

To be honest, I was just looking for something to do on Sunday and wasn’t expecting much in the way of off-roading. Sure, the roads in George Washington National Forest are not paved but in my experience most of the roads in the National Forest are just good old fashioned bumpy dirt roads rough enough to make you drive slow and bounce around but not 4×4 worthy.

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Learning From The Overlanding Podcast

Overlanding has gained popularity over the last few years. It seems everyone with a 4 wheel drive adds a few do-thingys to their rig and goes camping for the weekend and calls it overlanding. That is all well and good because in my mind the more people who get out exploring the natural world the better. However, recently I found The Overlanding Podcast by Andy Smith and through listening to the folks he has interviewed, I’ve gained a new appreciation for those “real” overlanders. Our weekend holidays camping or two week treks exploring local national parks does not compare.



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Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm

Deer steaks fill the freezer and the ducks have been flying good all season, but it was time to change things up and do a little upland bird hunting. I sent out the call and arranged a group of hunters for a pheasants and chukar hunt at Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm

Twin Ridge Upland Game Farm

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Exploring Possibilities For The Coming Year

Exploring Events

Right as the New Year begins, so does the requests to attend the ever growing overlanding events for the year. Most of these events occur during the summer months with some later in the fall. Please don’t take offense if I don’t attend. I’ve got my own exploring plans.


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Coins on a Gravestone

Coins Placed on a Soldier’s Gravestone

Last Sunday in the cold winter weather with a light dusting of snow on the ground, I traveled to Arlington National Cemetery for a photoshoot.

Arlington Cemetery coins on gravestone

Right before Christmas, at the request of a friend, I photographed a family friend’s tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery. After our FaceBook conversation of the shots, two more friends requested photographs of their family member stones at the National Cemetery. With honor I accepted to shoot the stones and wanted to take the photographs before the Christmas wreaths were removed, hence why I was there in the 20 degree weather.

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