Canoe Keel Patch

Prevention Canoe Repairs

Me and my Old Towne Charles River canoe have been together for a few years now. Since our first lake camping trip to hunt turkeys at Ray’s Town Lake, she has been my work horse canoe. She saved me one afternoon on the Chesapeake when I should have not been on the water. She rode the 3 foot plus rolling waves without a drop of water getting in the canoe. I made it back to shore safe and dry, thanks to her.

Canoe Keel Patch

My Daughter and I with the canoe on it’s maiden Voyage.

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The Waterfalls of Ricketts Glen State Park

Except for the fall of ’85 I spent in Missouri and the summer of ’12 in Alaska, I have lived in Maryland exploring the east coast of the US. Even after the 40 some odd years, I am still finding and exploring cool new places. Recently we took a long weekend trip up to Northern Pennsylvania to visit some friends and hike around Ricketts Glen State Park.

Ricketts Glen State Park

Onondaga Falls


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Mayhem Largemouth Bite

When the tide turns, run with it.

The line on my reel needed changing. I stood at the tailgate, while parked at the boat ramp, and ran the old line off. In three hours I will be ever so grateful I had taken the time to check the line and put on new.

Largemouth fishing view


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The Super Moon and Hoye-Crest

Friday night when leaving the bar after a great night of live country music with friends, I saw the brightest full moon I could ever remember. I had read earlier in the day about the so-called Super-moon. A Super-moon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon as seen from Earth. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy.

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Enjoying An Evening Kayak Paddle

Taking Time to Re-center

The work days have been long. The hours in the single room apartment are too many. The city has a continual noisy hum one cannot escape. I needed to re-center.

Western states fall colors


John Muir whispered in my ear. “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

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Mounting a Zippo 4-IN-1Woodsman in the Truck Bed

My Zippo 4-IN-1 now has a home

Since sometime over the winter, I began using a new tool in camp, the Zippo 4-IN-1 Woodsman. I guess I should first admit that I’ve never been a regular user of a hatchet.

Zippo 4 n 1

Whenever I needed wood cut for camp, I pretty much just reached for the bow saw. When I needed to clear some brush, I reach for the brush axe (old Surveyor tool). When I needed to drive a tent stake into the ground, I used my boot heel. If that did not work, I would grab the hammer out of the tool bag. And when I needed to pull the tent stakes, I, well, I should not admit this, but I would use the tent loop and pull on it.

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Monocacy River Fishing Report And New River Trail Map

Monocacy River Fishing Report

The last couple of days along the Monocacy have been slow for local fisherman. The good news is the fish caught have been good sized chunks.
A few evenings ago, we waded a section of river that I had not wet waded before.  The exploration of new water was successful in that, I found some stretches of perfect smallmouth water, i.e. deep water with a running current. Of course when talking deep water, its all relative. Here on the Monocacy, I consider over the knees a good depth and by the time it gets up to or past your waist, you’re in prime water. One problem, the fish were not there.

Monocacy River smallmouth

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Wet Wading For Smallmouth Bass – Monocacy River


Monocacy River

Wet wading season is here

The brilliant blue seas of the Gulf stream, and the fight of fish larger and stronger than you, are experiences worthy of the investment. Racing from location to location in an over powered bass boat, pitching worms and jigs from the bow platform to hidden Largemouth can also be a load of fun. But for me, there is no better time spent fishing than standing in the Monocacy or Potomac casting to river smallmouth. Memorial Day marked the arrival of my favorite time of the year, wet wading season; the time of standing in the river with jumping smallmouth on the line.

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The Benefits of Fishing

The Benefits of Fishing

It Is Good for the Heart

Yesterday at 4:00 PM, I left the office and went fishing. On a Tuesday evening, instead of watching TV, I enjoyed the warming rays of the sun and the refreshing breeze while drifting on the water in my kayak.  While gazing at my surroundings, I realized fishing really is beneficial to one’s health and well-being and that to live a long and healthy life, I should fish more.

benefits of fishing

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I Went to the Woods to Think

I went to the woods to think

Some personal issues had my mind racing in a hundred different directions.  I would not categorize it as a life changing cross roads, as much as, I would describe it as a bump or pothole in the road.  The time had come for me to fully pay for past transgressions.  I once heard it said, “God may forgive your actions, but the tax man still wants his money”.
North Dakota Badlands

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