Wild – Movie Reivew

Wild – Movie Review


“Wild” quickly draws the viewer in with an opening shot of a beautiful mountain scene. The view is enhanced with the sounds of heavy sensual female breathing. You expect the opening scene to become sexual, but nope, the producers pull the old bait and switch trick on the movie goers and BAM, you are watching Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon, pull off a dead toe nail. You are now part of her journey, wanting to know more of the story. Why was she walking alone? Why was she hiking the Pacific Crest trail?

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Leisure Deer Hunt

Taking My Own Advice

The old truck required some repairs before I was able to go on my end of the season leisure deer hunt. With the repairs complete, I slid the gun case behind the seat and tossed my pack on the seat. Between first light and noon, I parked the truck and entered the woods intent on enjoying the last day of deer season.

Last week, I went on a rant about deer hunting and enjoying the natural world surrounding us. I was about to take my own advice. With just a few things in my pack like my lunch and jacket, I went to spend the remainder of the day in pursuit of whitetails.

Whitetail deer

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Experience the Deer Hunt and The Natural World

When an idea gets in my craw, I often turn to the keyboard and mind dump. Most of the time, I soften and mold the idea until something not quite so abrasive is ready for public consumption. A few days ago, while cruising facebook, I saw a post from a guy that said how glad he was hunting in his pop-up ground blind because it was cold and raining. The heater was keeping him warm and the roof was keeping him dry. In comfort he waited for a deer to walk by.

elevated blind

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Toyota Tacoma brake upgrade

Upgrading the Tacoma’s brakes

If there is one complaint I have with my Toyota Tacoma, it would have to be the brakes. Over the 3 years and 60,000 miles I have driven my 95 Tacoma, I have replaced the front calibers twice, rebuilt the rear drums twice, and have installed new front pads and rotors no less than 3 times. I know of, and even tried, the Tundra front brake upgrade for the truck.  But the offset of my current wheels did not clear the larger calipers, so I took the grinder to the calibers and while I thought I had outsmarted the problem, a week after the upgrade, brake fluid began to seep out of the caliper bodies. I had taken a little too much off the caliper walls. I went back to the original Tacoma rotors and calipers.

Tacoma brake upgrade

The front brakes on the Tacoma take a good amount of abuse from the extra weight of the truck, mud and such.

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Ocracoke Island for Thanksgiving

The last couple posts have been about my trip to Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina over Thanksgiving. I thought I should explain a little bit about why we chose Ocracoke for our Thanksgiving vacation.

Ocracoke Island

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Kayaking Pamlico Sound

An Early Morning Kayaking the Pamlico Sound

There were two things I wanted to accomplish during my week on Ocracoke Island. The first was to catch a big Red Drum in the surf. The second was to shoot a few pintails and mallards in the salt marshes. In the end, I did neither.

Monday evening on the beach, I caught several small blue fish and even a few flounder that were an inch too short to keep for the pan. The red drum I eagerly pursued were not to be found. I would bait my hook with cut chunks of mullet again later in the week, but on Tuesday morning, I wanted to paddle and search for ducks. If the scouting looked promising, I would purchase a North Carolina hunting license and give it a go.

Kayaking pamlico sound

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Thanksgiving on Ocracoke Island – Part 1

The Drive to Ocracoke Island

Three years have passed since the last time I visited Hatteras Beach for Thanksgiving.  This year we spent Thanksgiving on Ocracoke Island. Amazing how much can change in one person’s life in such a short time. While, at the same time, much remains unchanged through time.  Three years ago this week I found myself unemployed after 21 years of steady employment.  I was in the middle of my divorce. My father had passed away earlier that year. Ocracoke Island, my destination for the week, remains as it was thirty years ago. My vacation partner of three years ago and today, my mother, remains the symbol of strength, goodness, and love in my life.

Ocracoke Island, Hatteras Sunrise

This Photograph was taken during my 2012 trip to Hatteras.

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Pennsylvania Record Buck and Dr. Gary Alt

Dr. Gary Alt May Have Been Right All Along

I guess with age comes the ability to see the results of change. Earlier this week when I saw the Outdoor Life story “Pennsylvania Hunter Kills Potential State Record Buck” , I had this overwhelming want to pat Dr. Gary Alt on the back.

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Building a Kayak Tree (Rack)

Three kayaks and one canoe leaned  against the shed sitting in the mud. The wind regularly blew them over and across the yard.  The situation was less than ideal.  I needed to do something.  For a while I had kept the fleet of paddle boats in the garage, but mom wanted her garage back, so I built a kayak tree.

kayak rack

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Duck Hunting and Happiness

The weather man gave the good news – The first below freezing temperatures for the region of the season. In the pre-dawn darkness, I drove the empty roads of Southern Maryland. I was going duck hunting. I was attempting to use one of the first come first hunt waterfowl blind sites Maryland DNR  provides for Maryland hunters on a Saturday, the most hunted day of the week. The one main caveat is being the first one there.

mallows Bay duck Hunt 2

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