Blue Catfish on the Potomac River

Blue Catfish Adventure

“As the tide ebbed last night I made my way back home with four nice fat catfish in the kayak. Then things got interesting. No water! I grounded the kayak no less than a dozen times and ended up taking a 3/4 mile detour around a mud flat and up a creek channel finally making it back to the truck. I was covered in mud, had two fishing rods in one hand and a Wal-Mart bag of four 5 pound catfish walked into my apartment building and rode the elevator up to my apartment. I guess you can take the redneck out of the country but he’ll still find a way to get muddy and catch catfish….”

That was my Facebook post the following morning of my first catfishing adventure of the season. What was planned to be a simple fishing trip after work became just a little more. Before I go into detail of the afternoon, I feel I need to apologize for the lack of photographs capturing the event. I was just going out to catch dinner and did not see the need to take the big camera, I carried my cell phone and figured if I caught anything large enough worthy of a photo, I could use the phone.

catfish in boat

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A Detour to George Washington Birthplace National Monument

George Washington Birthplace house BW

Once I took 3 days to drive from Westminster, MD to Cape Hatteras, NC, a 380 mile trip.  Taking the less traveled roads, I explored the journey.  Since that first wandering, I have acquired the tendency to take a little longer than most to get from point A to point B. The fact that I will not win a trophy for the fastest time from here to there is fine by me.  I get to seek and find.

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Spring Weekend Camping – Westmoreland State Park

Westmoreland State Park, Virginia

Perfect weather for a weekend of camping and a little kayaking

So while just about everybody in the Washington DC metro area was heading into town to see the cherry blossoms, we headed south to Westmoreland State Park in Montross, Virginia.

westmoreland state park kayaks

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I Believe It Is Time To Go Fishing

AK Fishing

Spring Has Sprung – Time to go Fishing

I do believe spring just might finally be here. As I look out the window of Augie’s Adventures office, I see the budding colors of spring. This can only means one thing, time to dust off the fishing rods.

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Portsmouth Island Day 3

Portsmouth Island Day 3

Sunday, a lazy day at the beach.

Before the sun showed a hint in the sky, I left the warmth of my sleeping bag to once again try my hand at catching some Red Drum at the south end cut.

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Portsmouth Island Day 2

Portsmouth Island Day 2

Up before the sun, I looked up and saw a well defined ring around the moon.  A sign of the coming day?  Halos around the sun or moon happen when high, thin cirrus clouds are drifting high above your head. Tiny ice crystals in Earth’s atmosphere cause the halos. They do this by reflecting the light. Lunar halos are signs that storms are nearby.  Pretending I knew nothing about the possible meaning of moon halo, I set the camera on the tripod, and waited to take the next award winning beach sunrise photograph.

portsmouth island sunrise

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Camping on Portsmouth Island Day 1

Portsmouth Island, NC

Time for a trip south to warmer weather, sand in the toes and maybe some fishing.

Spring maybe a little slow arriving here in the Maryland / DC area, but I had some intel that suggested warmer weather out on the Banks of North Carolina. With the road salt white streaks still covering the Toyota, I filled the fuel tank, tossed the camping gear in the bed, and strapped the kayak and fishing rods to the truck.  I was southbound.

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Becoming a Photographer with a Twist

Photographs with Quotes

One of my favorite stories to tell about me becoming a photographer is how I shot my first magazine spread without even knowing how to use the F-stop or shutter speed.  The camera was placed on auto and I shot 35 rolls of 36  exposure slide film and hoped for the best. I’ve learned a little since then, but still consider myself a writer who takes photographs.

Sunrise Outer Banks

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A Walk Around The Mall, The Washington DC Mall That Is.

A warm, late winter, Saturday, perfect for a hike around the Mall.

In two weeks, I’m off for a few days of camping on the sands of the North Carolina Outer Banks, but this weekend, I’m stuck here in the city pinching pennies.  So what is a wander like me to do?  Find some exotic place close to the home front to stretch the legs and take a few photographs.

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Accepting Today, Planning for Tomorrow

I started this blog a little more than a year ago.  I knew nothing about blogging, networking, or what there would be involved with creating and up keeping such an endeavor.  All I knew was, I felt the calling to alter my direction and start a blog.  The ride has been mixed with long nights questioning why I do this and the smile of gratification that comes from a heartfelt comment of a reader.

Glassing for pronghorns 2

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