Life is an Adventure – Direction Unknown

Adventure – an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Life is an adventure, even if surrounded by big tall buildings. The journey of my life path is in a direction of total unexpectation. From the encouragement of family and friends, I am embarking on an adventure I could have never dreamed. From May through October, I will be setting up a tent and selling my framed photographs along West Street in Annapolis, MD at the First Sunday’s Art Festival.


Ricketts Glen 109

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A new (almost) Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma
Augie’s Adventures new Toyota Tacoma is in need of upgrades.


Patience is not one of my strengths. I’ve been driving my new truck for almost a full month and I have yet to begin upgrading it worthy of Amazon Rain Forest travel. Oh, but I’ve burned on eye balls on the computer screen scanning places like AllPro Off-Road, CARiD, and other aftermarket part suppliers looking for the right Toyota Tacoma improvements.

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Finding Photographs of Bald Eagles

Re-discovering Bald Eagle Photographs

Bald Eagle

Over the last several weeks, I have been reviewing over 10,000 photographs on my computer; a truly mind and eye numbing experience. The reason I took on this task was to update my catalog of photos and re-edit them as needed in preparation for this summer’s shows. I am taking a big leap this summer and will be setting up a display of photographs for sale at the First Sunday’s festival in Annapolis. I hope to have the catalog complete shortly and plan to reopen Augie’s Adventures photo page once complete. To my surprise, I found some Bald Eagles.

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Quoting Abraham Lincoln

A few weeks ago, I made a visit to the Lincoln Memorial. I am a little embarrassed to admit that even though I have lived within a short drive to Washington DC most of my life, I had never visited the Memorial as an adult until now. With today being President’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at one of the presidents we are celebrating, Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln

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Niagara Falls

There is something special I enjoy about going to tourist locations during the off season.  My favorite time at the beach is in the winter.  Niagara Falls is a place that has been on my “want to go” list for a while. But I wanted to see Niagara Falls frozen or at least icy and covered in snow.

Niagara Falls

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Saying Goodbye to the Toyota Tacoma


I have been remiss on reporting about the loss of the adventure mobile, my Toyota Tacoma. I’m not sure why, other than I didn’t feel that it was all that important.  But then again, I guess the emotions I felt the day I gave it a final wash and then when the Tacoma left my possession 3 days later, should be addressed.

95 toyota tacoma

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Re-seasoning a Cast Iron Skillet.

Re-Seasoning a Cast Ion Skillet

Getting Another 100 Years Out of My Cast Iron Skillet.

Time for Re-seasoning a Cast Iron Skillet

Sometimes even the most adventurist have to do house work. Last spring after cooking breakfast of steak and eggs on my favorite cast iron skillet on the beach at Portsmouth Island, I scrubbed the skillet with beach sand and rinsed in the ocean – A big whoops. portsmouth island Several months later, stuck in my apartment on a rainy Saturday, I took on the project of re-seasoning a cast iron skillet. Turning to YouTube, I watched Martha Stewart and some other guy discuss the process. My pan was in worse condition than either of them and while they used either a SOS pad or a potato half and salt to scrub their cast iron skillet, I had to take more drastic measures. I resorted to 400 grit sand paper. Read more »

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European Mounts

Bower's Place European Mounts

European Mounts – A cool alternative to expensive taxidermy mounts

Many years ago, I stood and watched as 177 big game mounts from Alaska, Africa, and North America were sold at auction. They were my grandfathers. For pennies of what they cost to have done, the mounts were sold and went to new homes. That day left an impression on me. I do not have one head mounted in my home.  The walls of my home are filled with photographs of past hunts and fishing trips.

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Taking Black and White Photographs

Trying to Take Black and White Photographs of Dykes Marsh

On two separate evenings last week I raced and dodged through Washington DC traffic attempting to memorialize the next great black and white photograph of the setting sun over Dyke marsh. I wanted to shoot a few photographs with the low late day sun spotlighting the marsh with a few ducks in the foreground. In a rush, I jumped around the marsh shooting this and that. I shot nothing I liked.


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Wild – Movie Reivew

Wild – Movie Review


“Wild” quickly draws the viewer in with an opening shot of a beautiful mountain scene. The view is enhanced with the sounds of heavy sensual female breathing. You expect the opening scene to become sexual, but nope, the producers pull the old bait and switch trick on the movie goers and BAM, you are watching Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon, pull off a dead toe nail. You are now part of her journey, wanting to know more of the story. Why was she walking alone? Why was she hiking the Pacific Crest trail?

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