ARB Front Bumper and Warn Winch Installed

And let the fun begin. Our 2013 Toyota Tacoma has begun the transformation with the first major improvements. The ARB bumper and Warn M-8000 winch have been installed and put to use.


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Deer Season Opening Day

Another Deer Season Opening Day is Here

Opening day of deer season is a few days away. This will be my 37th opening day old enough to hunt deer season opening day. I’ve missed 3 openers since I was 12 years old. One I was in Army basic training and the other two I was at the beach with my mother celebrating Thanksgiving. One thing is for sure, I’ve got a lot of opening days behind me, and hopefully more than few yet to come. So, this Saturday I’ll be in the woods deer hunting remembering all those opening days of past.

Deer Season Opening Day

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Enjoying The Fall Colors

I was in the mountains to hunt. My quest was ducks in the mornings and deer in the evenings. However, I stepped into a world of fall colors so vivid that even a totally colorblind person such as myself could not help but take notice and enjoy.

fall colors

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Tent Camping in Style

During a recent late summer tent camping trip, I found myself doing the familiar butt scoot when getting dressed in the morning. At this point I realized the truck was parked a mere ten yards from the tent and that maybe I didn’t really need to be in backpacking weight saving mode with my gear.

95 toyota tacoma
For years I’ve tent camped a few steps from the truck using a small backpack style tent and sleeping bag.

Tent Camping Upgrade

The day after I returned home, I went to Bass Pro Shops website and began shopping. The first thing on the list was a tent. I wanted one where I could stand upright, be able to set up by myself and not cost a fortune. The tent that caught my eye was the 9’ x 10’ 78” Bass Pro Shops 5-person Speed Frame Tent.

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Rain Gear that Keeps You Dry

 The good old stand-by is still the best at keeping you dry.

I first started to use Helly Hansen rain gear when I worked in Alaska. In the daily rain of Ketchikan Alaska, I guided tourist through the Alaskan Wilderness in open wheeled buggies.  The rain suit preferred by the locals and the one we gave to each tourist to use while off-roading in the rain was the Helly Hansen rain jacket and bibs.

Rain gear

This was one of the few sunny days I experienced while in Ketchikan. We still wore our rain gear because of running the open wheel karts through the mud and standing water.


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Sunrise Opens Each Day With A New Beginning

By the grace of God the darkest of nights give way to the rising sun and another day. Sunrise opens each day with a new beginning, a chance to try again and build upon yesterday’s lessons.

This sunrise photograph was taken on Corolla Beach North Carolina. I had spent the night before sleeping under the stars on the dunes. I was on a 3 day drive from Westminster, MD to Hatteras, North Carolina. The world I had known was gone. Where the road of the future would take me was unknown. I was homeless, jobless and estranged from my children. It was the darkest of nights. That morning watching the sun rise above the ocean, I felt God’s hand on my shoulder. On that day I began the long journey to become the person I wanted, and I believe God wanted me to become. Today, a few years later, this photograph with my own personal quote has become one of my best sellers.

This sunrise was taken during my 2012 trip to Hatteras.

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Old Town NEXT Canoe Review

My NEXT Canoe

Next Canoe


Since the age of ten I have been paddling canoes. When I gained a few coins in my pockets, I purchased a few “real” boats with motors. Then I sold those noisy and messy things and continued to paddle in peace. After all these years I think I finally found my last canoe. My NEXT Canoe may be my last canoe.

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Deer Hunting with Crossbow

Deer Hunting with Crossbow

Deer hunting with cross bow

Late on Sunday evening I sit down to relax having returned to the Washington DC apartment. With a tumbler filled with three large ice cubes and splashed with my favorite whiskey, the weekend comes to a perfect close. It had been a grand weekend.

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Want to go on an adventure?



As a teenager, we used to take our four-wheel drive trucks and Jeeps up into the mountains to camp, fish, hunt and explore. Little did we know that what we were doing had a name – Overlanding.

Ever thought about, ok, dreamed, of taking six months off from work to go explore some far off country in a Jeep or Land Rover? Or maybe you secretly always wanted to jump on the bike and ride across the country? These guys have done it and wrote the book.

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Killing a Caught Northern Snakehead

The Monster Northern Snakehead Arrives

Northern Snakehead

Several years ago when the monster Northern Snakehead invaded the waters of Maryland, an all out war was raised to kill them all.  Well, that didn’t work.  Today, Northern Snakeheads swim the Potomac River shoulder to shoulder with the other predator of the deep, Largemouth Bass.

Since the arrival of the Northern Snakehead to our local waters, some fishermen have embraced their arrival and the snakehead fishermen was born. They are exciting to catch with their topwater explosions and their prefered habitat makes them a prime quarry for the canoe or kayak fishermen.

Oh yea, another added bonus is they are great to eat, and taking a few home for dinner is sure to please the home front.

But as a fishermen, aren’t I supposed to kill any and all of the Snakeheads I catch ?

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