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The Christmas Season

Posted by on December 15, 2016

The Christmas Season

Augie’s Adventures is about living a fulfilling life, a life filled with experiences and adventure. That includes bad experiences and misadventures, for without bitter, the sweet is not so sweet.

Learn from today

The following is not a typical Augie’s Adventure story, but as the Christmas season quickly approaches, I feel compelled to relate a Christmas experience of a few years ago.

December arrived and it had been 11 months since my father passed away, 10 months since I left my wife, 6 months since I talked to my children and 2 months since I lost my job of 21 years. I was not feeling the Christmas season.

On Christmas Eve, I put on my best suit and went to church, alone. Once there I was invited to sit with a friend and his wife. They knew of my current situation. As we began to sign the opening hymn, I walked out of the church, broke down and cried. After gathering myself together, I returned to my seat and the pastor began his Christmas sermon.

He spoke to me. The sermon was meant for me. The pastor knew of the sadness in my heart, the missing of my family. I sat and listened to him and he talked to me. It was as if the rest of the congregation left leaving the two of us alone. He reminded me Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ and not about family gatherings, gifts and all those things we have come to associate with Christmas.

Christ was born on this earth for us. He lived on earth and died to save us from our sins. As the pastor reminded me that Christmas is not about family gatherings but the birth of Christ, I began to feel less sorry for myself and accepted my situation. I began to understand that God had a plan for me, one that I may not yet fully understand, but as long as I walk with Him, I can overcome and continue writing my life story.

Life is filled with adventure and misadventures, each with its own impact on our lives and our life story. At the lowest point in my life, God sent me a message through the pastor that Christmas evening, easing my pain and re-centering my focus on the correct target.

That Christmas Eve was a few years ago now. My life story has continued to be written since that evening. Through prayer, I have begun to find the direction I believe God intended me to walk and experience. A life story of my own, filled with adventure and misadventures alike.

So, I guess in my own way, the message I would like to pass on to anyone needing to hear it; is while you might be experiencing hard times during the Christmas season, remember the reason we celebrate is the birth of Christ and through Christ we can overcome the low points in our lives and take another chance at adventure.