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The Christmas Season

The Christmas Season Augie’s Adventures is about living a fulfilling life, a life filled with experiences and adventure. That includes bad experiences and misadventures, for without bitter, the sweet is not so sweet. The following is not a typical Augie’s Adventure story, but as the Christmas season quickly approaches, I feel compelled to relate a … Continue reading »

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Quite often when I write about deer hunting, I discuss the benefits of entering the woods alone making a personal connection with the natural world. This deer hunt was different. I made a connection with fellow hunters who also share in my passion for the outdoors and venison on the table.

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A Story Worth Living – Movie Review

A Story Worth Living At a very pivotal point in my life I read the book “Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge. Or maybe that time in my life became pivotal because of reading “Wild at Heart.” Either way, when I arrived at the theater last evening to watch the special showing of “A Story … Continue reading »

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South Carolina Hog Hunt – Augie’s Hunt

Augie’s Successful Hog Hunt Flood waters slapped the front bumper. We had driven 4oo miles to South Carolina for a hog hunt, only to get denied reaching our riverside camp due to flooded roads. I smiled to Larry. The adventure had begun.

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Tent Camping in Style

During a recent late summer tent camping trip, I found myself doing the familiar butt scoot when getting dressed in the morning. At this point I realized the truck was parked a mere ten yards from the tent and that maybe I didn’t really need to be in backpacking weight saving mode with my gear. For … Continue reading »

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Sunrise Opens Each Day With A New Beginning

By the grace of God the darkest of nights give way to the rising sun and another day. Sunrise opens each day with a new beginning, a chance to try again and build upon yesterday’s lessons. This sunrise photograph was taken on Corolla Beach North Carolina. I had spent the night before sleeping under the … Continue reading »

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Want to go on an adventure? GET TO OVERLAND EXPO EAST As a teenager, we used to take our four-wheel drive trucks and Jeeps up into the mountains to camp, fish, hunt and explore. Little did we know that what we were doing had a name – Overlanding. Ever thought about, ok, dreamed, of taking six … Continue reading »

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5 Items Every Driver Should Have in Their Vehicle

This past weekend, I had the unfortunate experience to see several car accidents and witness a biker lose control and flip his bike as he hit a guardrail. He will live. I was able to administer aid until the paramedics arrived.

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Life is an Adventure – Direction Unknown

Adventure – an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Life is an adventure, even if surrounded by big tall buildings. The journey of my life path is in a direction of total unexpectation. From the encouragement of family and friends, I am embarking on an adventure I could have never dreamed. From May through October, I … Continue reading »

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Wild – Movie Reivew

Wild – Movie Review “Wild” quickly draws the viewer in with an opening shot of a beautiful mountain scene. The view is enhanced with the sounds of heavy sensual female breathing. You expect the opening scene to become sexual, but nope, the producers pull the old bait and switch trick on the movie goers and … Continue reading »

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