Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm

Deer steaks fill the freezer and the ducks have been flying good all season, but it was time to change things up and do a little upland bird hunting. I sent out the call and arranged a group of hunters for a pheasants and chukar hunt at Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm

Twin Ridge Upland Game Farm

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Exploring Possibilities For The Coming Year

Exploring Events

Right as the New Year begins, so does the requests to attend the ever growing overlanding events for the year. Most of these events occur during the summer months with some later in the fall. Please don’t take offense if I don’t attend. I’ve got my own exploring plans.


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Coins on a Gravestone

Coins Placed on a Soldier’s Gravestone

Last Sunday in the cold winter weather with a light dusting of snow on the ground, I traveled to Arlington National Cemetery for a photoshoot.

Arlington Cemetery coins on gravestone

Right before Christmas, at the request of a friend, I photographed a family friend’s tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery. After our FaceBook conversation of the shots, two more friends requested photographs of their family member stones at the National Cemetery. With honor I accepted to shoot the stones and wanted to take the photographs before the Christmas wreaths were removed, hence why I was there in the 20 degree weather.

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Choosing The Right Vehicle


Pine Barrens

The topic of which vehicle do I buy for an overlanding vehicle has been popping up regularly in a few Facebook groups I follow and the answers always seem to be something like, “I’ve got XYZ and it is the best for overlanding, you should get one just like me.” Thing is, the commenter’s needs and requirements for their choice in vehicle is most likely very different that the person asking the question.

Sometimes the answer is the vehicle you own is the best one to use and spend the money to go explore and play instead of worrying about having all the gadgets and the coolest rig. But let’s assume it is time to replace the vehicle.

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Built Not Bought – Response to Dirt Road Trip

My buddy over on Dirt Road Trip climbed up on his soap box, (because he wanted to be heard, not because he is short) and proclaimed that the “Built Not Bought” slogan proudly asserted by those who turn their own wrenches is a load of crap. I guess I agree on some level, but take issue with some of his points used to make the point.

Rock Bouncer

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Traveling Incognito / Overlander Style

Traveling Incognito Overlander Style

The trend in the 4×4 world these days seems to bolt on as much stuff to the outside of the truck, jeep or SUV to give it that “overlander” look. Roof top tents, extra fuel tanks and traction aids mounted on the rear bumper with the spare tire are just a few basics one needs to add if he or she wishes to look the part.

Deer Hunting, Overlander

Sure, most of that stuff is needed when hitting the road for an extended overlanding trip, but is it needed for a weekend camping trip to George Washington National Forest or the beach? probably not, but it sure is nice to have for that just in case scenario. I’ve just taken a different approach to my truck.

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The Christmas Season

The Christmas Season

Augie’s Adventures is about living a fulfilling life, a life filled with experiences and adventure. That includes bad experiences and misadventures, for without bitter, the sweet is not so sweet.

Learn from today

The following is not a typical Augie’s Adventure story, but as the Christmas season quickly approaches, I feel compelled to relate a Christmas experience of a few years ago.

December arrived and it had been 11 months since my father passed away, 10 months since I left my wife, 6 months since I talked to my children and 2 months since I lost my job of 21 years. I was not feeling the Christmas season.

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LifeProof Cell Phone Case – Review

Protecting my iphone with a LifeProof Case

I like to think of it as I totally emerge myself in whatever activity I am doing, but my family and friends claim I am a magnet to dirt, mud and water. However you choose to look at it, I needed a new cell phone after a little mishap in South Carolina while hog hunting. The old one never quite dried out from the quick little dunk it took in the Pee Dee River. With the purchase of a new phone, I took the advise of friends and purchased a LifeProof waterproof case for the phone.

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A Sunday Hike in the Snow

Enjoying a Hike in the First Snow of the Season

hike in the snow

In the morning the first snow fall of the season accumulated and the brisk winds blew. I went for a hike.

The beginning of each season is the most sought. By March, I’ll be aching for the warming sun, but today I reveled the raw winter storm. I hiked up the mountain through the thick undergrowth of the swamp entering the hemlocks. I keep climbing. The oak trees topping the mountain violently swayed in response to the strong winds. On no particular trail, I meandered up, over and around the snow-covered mountain.

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Quite often when I write about deer hunting, I discuss the benefits of entering the woods alone making a personal connection with the natural world. This deer hunt was different. I made a connection with fellow hunters who also share in my passion for the outdoors and venison on the table.

Deer Hunting

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