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Sneaky Goose Hunt

Taking advantage of Maryland’s late season resident goose season I have not waterfowl hunted much this hunting season. The schedule seemed to accommodate chasing whitetails more than goose hunting. At some point last week, I realized I still had time to get out and enjoy a goose hunt or two. The Maryland late season resident … Continue reading »

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Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm

Deer steaks fill the freezer and the ducks have been flying good all season, but it was time to change things up and do a little upland bird hunting. I sent out the call and arranged a group of hunters for a pheasants and chukar hunt at Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm

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Quite often when I write about deer hunting, I discuss the benefits of entering the woods alone making a personal connection with the natural world. This deer hunt was different. I made a connection with fellow hunters who also share in my passion for the outdoors and venison on the table.

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South Carolina Hog Hunt – Augie’s Hunt

Augie’s Successful Hog Hunt Flood waters slapped the front bumper. We had driven 4oo miles to South Carolina for a hog hunt, only to get denied reaching our riverside camp due to flooded roads. I smiled to Larry. The adventure had begun.

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Larry’s Story of Our South Carolina Wild Hog Hunt

Larry was my hunting partner on our latest adventure. We traveled together down to South Carolina for a feral hog hunt. I asked Larry if he would be willing to tell his story for the blog and he willingly agreed. In fact I think we might see some more of Larry in the future, as he has … Continue reading »

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South Carolina Hog Hunting

Late one winter evening, I went scanning the internet looking for an early spring adventure.  What I found turned out to be one of my favorite spring escapes to date. March or April is the perfect time for a shake winter off your back and welcome spring adventure.  A friend and I drove 400 miles south … Continue reading »

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I Am a Gun Owner

I Am a Gun Owner I’m a peace loving kind of guy. But there is a gun close by my bed. I always assume the best in a person. But the ammo lies next to the gun. I am a gun owner.    Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of … Continue reading »

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Deer Season Opening Day

Another Deer Season Opening Day is Here Opening day of deer season is a few days away. This will be my 37th opening day old enough to hunt deer season opening day. I’ve missed 3 openers since I was 12 years old. One I was in Army basic training and the other two I was at … Continue reading »

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Rain Gear that Keeps You Dry

 The good old stand-by is still the best at keeping you dry. I first started to use Helly Hansen rain gear when I worked in Alaska. In the daily rain of Ketchikan Alaska, I guided tourist through the Alaskan Wilderness in open wheeled buggies.  The rain suit preferred by the locals and the one we … Continue reading »

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Deer Hunting with Crossbow

Deer Hunting with Crossbow Late on Sunday evening I sit down to relax having returned to the Washington DC apartment. With a tumbler filled with three large ice cubes and splashed with my favorite whiskey, the weekend comes to a perfect close. It had been a grand weekend.

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