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Gear Reviews

Choosing The Right Vehicle

  The topic of which vehicle do I buy for an overlanding vehicle has been popping up regularly in a few Facebook groups I follow and the answers always seem to be something like, “I’ve got XYZ and it is the best for overlanding, you should get one just like me.” Thing is, the commenter’s needs and … Continue reading »

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LifeProof Cell Phone Case – Review

Protecting my iphone with a LifeProof Case I like to think of it as I totally emerge myself in whatever activity I am doing, but my family and friends claim I am a magnet to dirt, mud and water. However you choose to look at it, I needed a new cell phone after a little … Continue reading »

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Hydro Flask Review

Product Review – Hydro Flask Water Bottle Larry Williams A few years ago a co-worker was telling me about a water bottle he bought. At the time it was made from a small company called Hydro Flask. Soon after hearing about this product, I was browsing around a local outdoor shop and saw these Hydro … Continue reading »

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Bending Branches kayak paddle review

Bending Branches Kayak Paddle Review Last summer I purchased an Old Town NEXT canoe, which is a hybrid canoe / kayak for a solo paddler. I’ve been super happy with the boat but I felt I was not getting the most out of it because of the paddle I was using.  A bunch of years ago I … Continue reading »

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Tent Camping in Style

During a recent late summer tent camping trip, I found myself doing the familiar butt scoot when getting dressed in the morning. At this point I realized the truck was parked a mere ten yards from the tent and that maybe I didn’t really need to be in backpacking weight saving mode with my gear. For … Continue reading »

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Rain Gear that Keeps You Dry

 The good old stand-by is still the best at keeping you dry. I first started to use Helly Hansen rain gear when I worked in Alaska. In the daily rain of Ketchikan Alaska, I guided tourist through the Alaskan Wilderness in open wheeled buggies.  The rain suit preferred by the locals and the one we … Continue reading »

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Old Town NEXT Canoe Review

My NEXT Canoe   Since the age of ten I have been paddling canoes. When I gained a few coins in my pockets, I purchased a few “real” boats with motors. Then I sold those noisy and messy things and continued to paddle in peace. After all these years I think I finally found my last canoe. … Continue reading »

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European Mounts

European Mounts – A cool alternative to expensive taxidermy mounts Many years ago, I stood and watched as 177 big game mounts from Alaska, Africa, and North America were sold at auction. They were my grandfathers. For pennies of what they cost to have done, the mounts were sold and went to new homes. That day … Continue reading »

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Toyota Tacoma brake upgrade

Upgrading the Tacoma’s brakes If there is one complaint I have with my Toyota Tacoma, it would have to be the brakes. Over the 3 years and 60,000 miles I have driven my 95 Tacoma, I have replaced the front calibers twice, rebuilt the rear drums twice, and have installed new front pads and rotors no … Continue reading »

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Building a Kayak Tree (Rack)

Three kayaks and one canoe leaned  against the shed sitting in the mud. The wind regularly blew them over and across the yard.  The situation was less than ideal.  I needed to do something.  For a while I had kept the fleet of paddle boats in the garage, but mom wanted her garage back, so … Continue reading »

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