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Learning From The Overlanding Podcast

Overlanding has gained popularity over the last few years. It seems everyone with a 4 wheel drive adds a few do-thingys to their rig and goes camping for the weekend and calls it overlanding. That is all well and good because in my mind the more people who get out exploring the natural world the … Continue reading »

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Exploring Possibilities For The Coming Year

Exploring Events Right as the New Year begins, so does the requests to attend the ever growing overlanding events for the year. Most of these events occur during the summer months with some later in the fall. Please don’t take offense if I don’t attend. I’ve got my own exploring plans.

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Last minute travel plans changed. Instead of spending a quiet weekend camping in the woods alone, I changed course and headed north to Ohio and Powerline Park to watch the rock bouncers compete. If you have spent any time on YouTube checking out off-roading videos, I’m pretty sure you have seen some of the crazy’s at … Continue reading »

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Nashville Road Trip

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. On this adventure, I left the fishing rods and guns at home and the truck never left the asphalt. Interesting enough, that put me a little out of my comfort zone. But isn’t that what adventures is all about, exploring outside your norm and comfort zone? Nashville here … Continue reading »

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Paddling the Batsto River at Wharton State Forest NJ

Wharton State Forest float trip down the Batsto River When I first started to research the New Jersey Pine Barrens and the Wharton State Forest in New Jersey, I was pleasantly intrigued by the blue lines marking creeks and the little launch site symbols on the Wharton State Forest map. My excitement grew even more … Continue reading »

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New Jersey Pine Barrens

  The Pine Barrens – A wilderness in New Jersey As the Tacoma’s build finishes up, this is to be a summer of road trips. There is a post-a-note on my desk with a list of places to visit this summer. The first on the list was the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. The Pine Barrens is … Continue reading »

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Overlanding vs. Car Camping

Overlanding vs. Car Camping Neither one is right or wrong, but let’s call it what it is. Several years ago Scott Brady published a great article for Expedition Portal called “What Is Overlanding?”defining the terms and activities of Vehicle-Dependent Expedition”, “Vehicle-Supported Overlanding” and “Back Country Adventures”.  I believe Scott has done an excellent job describing … Continue reading »

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Larry’s Story of Our South Carolina Wild Hog Hunt

Larry was my hunting partner on our latest adventure. We traveled together down to South Carolina for a feral hog hunt. I asked Larry if he would be willing to tell his story for the blog and he willingly agreed. In fact I think we might see some more of Larry in the future, as he has … Continue reading »

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South Carolina Hog Hunting

Late one winter evening, I went scanning the internet looking for an early spring adventure.  What I found turned out to be one of my favorite spring escapes to date. March or April is the perfect time for a shake winter off your back and welcome spring adventure.  A friend and I drove 400 miles south … Continue reading »

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Enjoying The Fall Colors

I was in the mountains to hunt. My quest was ducks in the mornings and deer in the evenings. However, I stepped into a world of fall colors so vivid that even a totally colorblind person such as myself could not help but take notice and enjoy.

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